Raccoon (This is) Madness Game!

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Category: Age: 7+ 20 Min 2 - 6 Players 2017
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Thematic Overview

A mad blend of raccoons! You will find Ironcoons, Madcoons, Raccostastard and more!

Game Overview

The game is based on the popular classic card game “Cheat” (a.k.a. I Doubt it).  Thus, the player with no cards at the end of a round will be the winner of the game.
The player who starts a round may place at the center of the table, face down, 1 to 4 cards and calls a card name, implying that all cards placed are of that type but of course you can cheat and lie in this game! The next player has two options:

  • Either call the same card and add 1 to 4 cards in the center.
  • Or check the last player’s call and say if it was true or not.
    If you said true and you were right all cards on the center are discarded.
    If you said that the previous player lied and you were right, that player takes all the cards on their hand.
    If you guessed wrongly YOU take all the cards from the center! So, guess wisely.

The game also comes with an “Action” deck which contains cards with special effects that will alter the game flow and add funny moments to the game. When you successfully check a call, draw one card from that deck as a reward, sweet!

KS Campaign

The game is live and funded on Kickstarter and comes in two basic editions, the “Core Edition” and the “NSFW Edition”, both for €20 with 86 cards and a reverse button item included. The stretch goals of the game come with many KS Exclusives which are mostly strange funny items.

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