Raise Your Goblets and Drink!

Category: Age: 14+ 30 Min 2 - 12 Players 2017
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A royal banquet is taking place and you – the nobles of Otravia – have been invited. This dinner party is being held for a specific reason – to determine who will be the next to succeed to the throne, which of course everyone desires. For this reason, a special dinner is going to be served…

Each player has harmless wine, poison and antidote to pour into the goblets. The nobles aim at poisoning their opponents, while staying alive themselves to claim the crown. They are able to rotate the goblets, exchange their goblets with someone else’s and they can even use their special ability to break a rule. Will you make it through this deadly dinner party? Be careful, because when a toast is to be called, you must raise your goblet and drink, no matter what…

Raise Your Goblets is a really fun bluffing game coming out from COMN and it has been scheduled for release on January 20th. You can’t miss this party. Everyone will be invited!