VERS: The Rap Game – launched on Kickstarter!

Category: Age: 13+ 30 - 240 Min 3 - 30 Players 2017

Yo, I am not good at rhyme so I will stop here. Whether you like rap or not, freestyle is a very fun process that will trigger your imagination and leave everyone with a laugh. Of course, not everyone has the flow but now you have a template system to help you out and make your freestyle rock! In “Vers: The Rap Game”, which just launched on Kickstarter.


As you can tell, this game is all about making rap in a freestyle way. The game contains a handful of category cards with a simple word on them. Each player takes five of these category cards to start the game.
Each round one player will be the judge, drawing one of the basic cards that contain three basic words. Each player has to make three freestyle sentences, using the words from the basic card plus one card of their choice from their hand. Then, the judge will vote which one made the best freestyle, giving points.
That’s all you need to know about the game, set yourself free and let the words flow out your brain and mind!

Jerry Spatch, the designer of the game and founder of “Spatch Games”, is a friendly and inspirational person. So, we asked him what one of the most memorable things someone has ever rapped with “Vers” was and he replied:

“I remember playing with a librarian to get feedback, and she started rapping about the thirteen colonies and it was ridiculous. There were all kinds of historical facts woven into her rap. And she had never rapped before. That was one of the main times I realized that people could really use it and it would be a lot of fun for all different kinds of people.”

Vers focuses on simplicity and its publisher mission is to “Entertain while changing the way people think.”

The game has just launched on Kickstarter and you can check it out here!

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