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Ludyo is bringing Your Family Rocks! on KickstarterA  your-photos-transformed-into-playing-cards tabletop game. Their mission is to deliver unforgettable experiences through unique mechanics, but aren’t they all?  In this case, their game speaks for itself and justifies their bold statement as you will see.

Game Overview

Your Family Rocks! turns your photos into playing cards, having the central role in the game mechanics. Thus, influencing the game the gameplay and strategy of the game.


The theme is all about your family! Creating wonderful stories while remembering real ones, as your pictures hit the table.


Raising the most prosperous family! Collecting the right pieces for your family is the key to victory. To be precise, the available pieces are Members, Values, Rules, and Objects!

Basic Flow

To set-up the game, choose from 2 to 5 challenge cards. These cards depict the rules of each challenge, making each experience different! Then, place a destinated amount of pieces under each card. After each challenge, these pieces will be auctioned by the players using the currency of the game: Family Time.

During the game, you follow these steps:

  1. Roll the die: Each player rolls the die, which offers them the depicted amount of Family Time points, for free!
  2. Play the Challenge: Resolve the current challenge. For example, there may be a storytelling challenge where players get to continue a story. There are unique rules of awarding Family Time points to players on each challenge.
  3. Bid for family pieces: Here is the time to use your points and gain some valuable pieces. Bidding is done for each type of piece separately.

You keep repeating these steps for each challenge until they are depleted. Then, all players count up their points, according to the combination of pieces acquired, declaring the winner!
Finally, the game comes with an even easier version of the game, for ages of 8+.


 Your Family Rocks! is a quite unique and heartwarming idea. It takes some extra effort from both parties, as you have to upload 60 photos, but I believe it worths it. For me, it would be an enjoyable experience to choose these photos and edit them through their partnering platform. The rules are super simple, making it a casual party game to enjoy with your loved ones. In addition, you can buy it as a present for someone else, through the campaign!

Check out “Your Family Rocks!” campaign now on Kickstarter to learn more about the game.


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