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Category: Age: 14+ 45 - 60 Min 2 - 4 Players 2018
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The Great library in Alexandria is on fire. The world’s most complete archive of knowledge is about to vanish. You are a Hero who has to choose wisely which scrolls, artifacts and even scholars you will save, as the time is limited before the library collapses.


Each player selects a Hero and takes the corresponding board, 12 Hero cards, 2 Dramatic End cards, 3 Hero tokens and 1 Hourglass token which is placed in the Time track.

Then, after creating the Room stack a player creates the library by drawing the top tile of the Room stack and following the instructions of the rulebook. On each of the 4 empty spaces in every Room you place a Furniture tile from the stacks face down while turning face up all the furniture tiles in a Hero’s Starting Room. Each player secretly selects one of their two Dramatic End cards to be used in the game and the selected cards form a single deck, which is placed face down near the board.

The Hero that has gained the most points at the end of 5 rounds is the winner. Every Hero has an individual board with abilities and skills that can use once per game.

A game consists of 5 rounds and each round consists of 3 phases.

  1. THE ACTION PHASE: The player with the most Time (in the Time track) selects and performs an action paying time according to the chosen action.  A player can Move, Draw a card, Perform a card action from their hand, Perform a Hero board action, Wait or Respond with a special skill on another’s player turn.
  2. BURNING PHASE: A number of Rooms equal to the number of players will be removed from the game one at a time.
  3. CLEANUP PHASE: Remove any tokens still in Rooms or Hero boards. All played cards are placed in the respective discard piles except the slotted cards on the player’s board.

At the beginning of a new round a Dramatic end may be drawn depending the number of round and the number of players which trigger an extra effect.

After the burning phase in the 5th round, when all the rooms in the library have been burnt, the game ends.  The final Winner is the one who has the most valuable collection of recovered cards.

The game is now live on kickstarter with a very reasonable price, a lot of components and also a deluxe edition with high quality components. The shipping cost is low, so if you want to salvage the valuable treasures of Alexandria in a race against time, check out the kickstarter page.

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