Arctic Scavengers: Base Game+HQ+Recon – Struggle for Survival

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Category: Age: 13+ 30 - 60 Min 1 - 5 Players 2015
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This is the year 2097 and after a dramatic change of the climate, the earth has been through a new Ice Age. The largest part of the population has vanished and the few survivors that have been left, have come together into small communities and tribes.

Each player is the leader of a tribe and along with the other members you compete against the other tribes, in order to find resources, medicine and tools, or what has been left of them anyway. The player who has created the largest tribe wins the game.

Arctic Scavengers is a bluffing card game, for 1-5 players, and it includes an HQ expansion and a Recon, allowing the tribes to evolve even faster, with new leaders, new equipment and different levels of player interaction. It is another very interesting game from Rio Grande Games.

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