Area 51: Top Secret – Do You Believe in Aliens?

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Category: Age: 12+ 60 Min 2 - 6 Players 2016
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You find yourselves in America during the 1950’s, an era of big cars, rock ‘n roll and much alien activity! In an attempt to prevent mass panic, the US military has ordered its generals to collect all evidence of aliens and store it in Area 51, a secret military base in the remote Nevada desert.

You play as generals and your goal is to store advanced tools, futuristic weapons, biological samples and alien clothing. These are really dangerous artifacts so you have built specialized bunkers to store them in. However, each bunker can only hold one type of artifact, so you will need to upgrade them if you want to hold the most advanced and dangerous artifacts. You may, also, hire trucks or trains that allow artifacts to be re-routed to different regions and different bunkers.  At the end of the game, the player whose bunkers have loaded the most valuable artifacts is the winner.

Area 51 is a strategic board game which features a modular board and it takes short play time. It is, also, highly interactive, since the game mostly depends on the other players, so it can be different every time you play. It has been running on Kickstarter where you can back it and it is expected to be available in late 2016.

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