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The Best Lock Breakers in Triplock

Category: Age: 12+ 10 - 15 Min 1 - 2 Players 2017

The industrial smog has spread over New London and its people seem to have compromised with their downfall and the fact that there is nothing they can do. However, four of them who happen to possess some special lock-picking skills have drawn the attention of a masked stranger, who has summoned them through some mysterious lock boxes. They are going to play a significant role to unraveling the mystery.

Triplock is a game for 1 to 2 players  that features an exceptional artwork and challenges your skills and memory. You may choose to play solo working with this stranger and cast light on the mysteries of the company that has come to power or you may play against another lock breaker.

Your goal is to solve the Master Lock first or before time runs out. When playing in a competitive mode, you must be the first to complete 5 Diagrams or gain 10 points. In a solo mode, you choose the characters that will make up your team and use their skills for each Room you encounter. No Room is the same and no one knows what lies behind each one. Will you solve all the rooms before running out of characters?

Triplock has been running on Kickstarter and it is already way above its funding goal.