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Games with digital elements keep popping up nowadays, especially with how technology keeps evolving. That’s the case with “Blind Wizard Brawl” which needs a companion app to play the game which, of course, is free.


As the name implies, you are a powerful wizard in a brawl between magic users with the goal of being the last one standing. You don`t know how powerful your opponents are and where they excel but this won`t stop you from casting your deadliest spells on them.

In the game, each player will need to have access to their own app either from a remote device (phone, tablet) or a desktop (through the publisher’s site) to transform themselves into a random powerful wizard! You will have a random cool name, made by three sections (prefix, proper noun and suffix), a unique ability and stats that determine your power in the three different elements and your life cap.

There are three card types, the same as stats, Wave-Growth-Blaze each with their own deck of cards and four different art variations. Your starting deck consists of three cards, one from each deck and your starting hand by the top two cards of your deck.

On your turn, you take one of the three available actions and then draw a card. The game continues clockwise until there is only one Wizard left alive, the ultimate winner.

The actions you can choose from, are the following:

  • Chant
    Each element card has a Chant effect on it. Take this action to draw a card from a deck of your choice and cast this card’s Chant action immediately. To boost its effect, you can play cards of the same type from your hand and then discard all cards.
  • Cast
    Choose an opponent as the target of your attack. Return any type of card from your hand to its respective deck to make an attack of that type using your Wizard’s value of that stat. Reveal additional cards of that type from your hand to gain +1 to your value for each such card. The defending Wizard takes as much damage as the difference between this value and their defensive value of that element.
  • Mind Blast
    Return one card of each type from your hand to their respective decks to deal 5 damage to an opponent of your choice.

In addition, as mentioned, you have your Wizard’s unique ability which you can use. Its type varies from private, passive enchantments to public and powerful activated spells. These abilities will change the tide of play and add to the replay value of the game.
An interesting element in the game is the bluff button on your Wizard profile. This button can be used to conceal the damage taken when attacked but you can use it only a certain number of times. This way you can confuse your opponents and make it harder for them to deduct your stat values.

Blind Wizard Brawl is currently live on Kickstarter for only $9. Featuring fast-paces gameplay and beautiful abstract art. Its halfway to its funding goal and the reason behind that may be the use of the app. Many gamers tend to avoid games with apps especially if the app is essential for the gameplay. May think that it takes from the tabletop experience, making you watch at a screen again. In addition, this one makes mandatory the use of as many devices as the players.

But using an app can have many advantages, offering an experience otherwise impossible to the players. This game reminds me of “Goosebumps”, the card game, in which you fought with each card’s stats but with the twist of the app, trying to deduce your opponents’ power and weaknesses.

If you want to know more about “Blind Wizard Brawl” check out its campaign here!

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