C.O.G. – Make the Right Words for the Great Apparatus

Category: Age: 14+ 60 - 120 Min 2 - 4 Players 2017
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London 1875. C.O.G. stands for The Cabinet of Gadgetry which calls for your help so as to gather all the items needed to construct the Great Apparatus, that is an automated machine for transporting her majesty’s citizens safely and quickly through the increasingly crowded streets of London.

In each round, you have 4 cogs/workers to place, with which you can claim letters in order to spell words, cabinet cards that give you powers of different kinds, dice that allow you to move across the board and turn order, which offers you an advantage for the next round. Careful planning and making the right decisions is critical when placing the cogs, since players take turns placing one cog at a time, which means that someone else might claim the benefit you were intending to. You use the letters you have received to spell words on your tableau, but you should do so wisely, since you must try to cover many bonus spaces on your tableau, as well as complete sets of words so that you will get even more bonuses. You will not need to come up with any kind of strong vocabulary, as you will be provided with a list of the items that The Cabinet of Gadgetry needs.

C.O.G. combines worker placement elements with a crossword game, which however does not require a perfect knowledge of words in order for players to win. What it takes is an ability to manipulate and organize letters in a typical crossword way. Will you manage to meet the Cabinet’s needs?