Castle Dukes – What Will Your Castle Be Like?

Category: Age: 12+ 60 Min 1 - 4 Players 2017
Designers: Publishers:

Castle Dukes is a dexterity game of strategy, where you build 3D castles having to make the right decisions and the right plans.

You are playing as dukes and you are going to compete against other dukes trying to build the greatest castle all over the lands. You can make your castle as high as you like with rooms of all kinds, make towers or construct bridges to connect your towers together.

Buy room plans and place them anywhere you want into your castle and on any level of it. Having built a majestic castle allows you to invite kings and queens. But, will they also find it majestic? If not, they may prefer to visit the castle of another duke.

What is more, the deadly Dragon may pay a visit to your castle and may taste some parts of it!

Make the most magnificent castle, but make sure that you fortify it with ballista launchers and be ready for the invaders. A comfortable castle will attract the princess, a fortified castle will be preferred by the king and the knight will go for the castle that is more likely to be attacked by the dragon.

Castle Dukes has been up on Kickstarter and is already funded.