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Create the Greatest Gardens of Mars!

Category: Age: 13+ 60 Min 2 - 5 Players 2017
Designers: Publishers:

The Red planet is on fire nowadays and you will get another chance to enjoy a beautiful game on this planet. The new game from “Big Kid Games”, Gardens of Mars, is a colorful and quite cute dice-drafting abstract strategy game.


The Red planet is on a crisis and it can`t sustain all the alien species as before. To bring it back to its previous, livable state the best gardeners across the known space are needed to terraform the planet by using energy-induced plants. Of course, each species has its own unique skills and secret planting methods!
You have to save the planet, for the species to be united once again.


The goal of the game is to have the most Glory points at the end of the game, by planting strategically your beautiful flowers on the board, representing the ground of the planet. The flowers at your disposal are kept secret, behind your player screen, along with your secret missions that will score you extra points. In addition, you can score points through basic missions that are available to all players.

Your turn is divided in five phases, let’s break them down:
Roll Phase: This phase only occurs if there are no available rolled dice (to draft from).
In that case, roll dice equal to the empty space around your Meeple on the map.

Draft Phase: Choose (draft) one of the available dice. Its value will determine how many spaces you will move on the next phase.

Move Phase: Move in a straight line as many spaces as depicted on the dice you drafted. Rocks and other Meeples block movement.

Plant Phase: Plant a flower in your space, if empty. Otherwise, you lose a Glory Point. A flower will score points for flowers of the same family connected to it.

Score Phase: Score points for your flower and for any mission or secret mission that you complete!

As you can tell, the flow of the game is pretty straightforward, with meaningful choices. Furthermore, there are 5 Special Action Tokens that you can use throughout the game to use your unique skills and the two basic actions of the game.
When a player plants their last flower, the game ends and the one with the most Glory Points is the best gardener, at least on Mars!

You can know more about the game and possibly support it through its Kickstarter campaign, here.
Lastly, an interesting thing to notice is that its shipping is free for US and has the fixed price of $10 for EU, AU and CA shipping!