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Crossroads of Heroes – Choose your Path…

Category: Age: 14+ 45 - 90 Min 2 - 5 Players 2017
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In Crossroads of Heroes, you are a virtuous martial arts hero and you aim at gaining renown and becoming the Grand Master of Wulin.

There are five respected sects of Wulin – Emei, Shaolin, Beggar, Wudang, Kunlun – and five characters to choose from, each of them a member from one of those sects. These heroes come with their character abilities, as well as special items and fighting techniques, according to the sect they belong to and its winning philosophy.

Challenging your opponents to duels and defeating them is one way for you to gain renown. Another way is to employ the three types of stratagems – Yin, Yang and Taiji. You should understand strategy and use stratagems wisely so as to crush your rivals. Moreover, you have to explore the Jianghu, where you may come across characters that can play a significant role to your progress.

However, the methods you choose might take you to a darker path, from which there is no turning back. You might turn evil if you wish, and then you can no longer hope to become the next Grand Master of Wulin, but you may try to win the game in more evil ways. What is more, you may challenge one of the five Masters of Wulin to a duel, because you know that defeating any one of them will unfold their powerful fighting techniques to you.

Crossroads of Heroes is a board game that features a very interesting theme and a remarkable artwork. It has been launched on Kickstarter and there are many days to go, if you feel like supporting it.

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