Dice Hospital Now on Kickstarter!

Category: Age: 3+ 45 - 90 Min 1 - 4 Players 2018
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In Dice Hospital, each player takes control of a hospital and tries to heal as many patients as they can in various ways in order to score victory points.


Dice Hospital mixes worker placement and dice manipulation. In order to set up the game, a hospital board, a starting ward board and 3 nurses (white meeples) are given to each player. After that, the first player must draw three dice from the bag. These dice (patients) must be placed in untreated spaces in one of the player’s ward. A game round consists of several phases. The end of the game comes after 8 rounds. Now let us see the game phases very briefly:

1.Patient Intake: The first player must draw dice according to the player number and put them inside ambulances. Every ambulance must contain 3 dice. Starting with the first player, every player must take one filled ambulance and move the patients into an empty space in their wards

2.Hospital Improvement:  Each player may take 1 hospital improvement by either choosing a new department or a new specialist card form the face-up available ones

3.Hospital Activation: Each player must activate their hospital to heal and discharge as many patients as possible by placing nurses or specialists in an appropriate empty department in their hospital. A patients health (the number on the dice) can be manipulated with these actions

4.Neglected Patients: In this phase players check to see if there are any remaining untreated patients

5.Discharged Patients: Score victory points according to the number of patients discharged

6.Shift Change: This is a preparation phase for the next round. All meeples ambulances and treated patients are moved back to their respective places

The worker placement mechanic seems to fit nicely with the dice manipulation. Combos can be made in order to heal the patients but carelessness can cause fatalities and loss of victory points. The kickstarter also comes with a deluxe edition that includes a mini-expansion, 3d ambulances and an easily assembled dice tower. The price of the game is reasonable enough and the shipping cost varies from 6-15 pounds. If you want to try this new mixture of mechanics you can learn more about Dice Hospital!