Efemeris – Kickstarter Overview!

Category: Age: 10+ 30 - 40 Min 2 - 4 Players 2018
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DTDA Games launched their 2nd Kickstarter campaign for their new game, Efemeris! Light Hunters was their first campaign which surprised everyone with its elegant aesthetics. Following the same recipe of success, Efimeris is a feast for the eyes.

Efemeris Overview

Efemeris is a strategy game, set in an unchronic Age of Exploration for 2 to 4 players. Furthermore, the 2-player mode lets you dive into a PvP duel while the 3/4-player mode makes you compete in 2vs2 teams.


The Age of Exploration is here, on the celestial map! Your Armada will explore the Heavens and strive for dominance while taking anything of value.


Being the first Nation to conquest 5 planets or to take possession of all opposing planets!

Basic Flow

As the game has a lot of things going on, I will go through an overview of what it has to offer.

To start the game, you will choose your Nation, Captains order, Crew and home planet. Captains have unique abilities, Crew members let you do specific actions and planets offer resources.

On your turn, you go through the following phases:

  1. Exploration Phase: You explore space by drawing two new hexagon tiles, adding them to the map.
  2. Collection Phase: Your conquered planets and ships on planets will let you collect some resources. One type is the Spice tokens which can be Star Pepper or Celestial Vanilla. The other type is the bonus tokens, offering you some strategic choices.
  3. Tactical Phase: This is the meat of your turn, where you get to perform actions. There are 8 available options, allowing you to develop your Armada and get closer to your goal. These include acquiring new ships and crew members, conquering planets, use crew or bonuses and more.

The game goes on this way until the end goal is met.


The graphic design and art of this game are mindblowing for me. As a result, this elegance breathes calmness while makes your mind travel, convincing me it will add a lot to the experience. As you can tell the game has an easy flow with many strategic choices, cool scenarios, and unique abilities.

Efemeris campaign is live on Kickstarter, with 20+ days to go. Make sure to check out their campaign if it seems interesting to you, and don`t forget to join the Giveaway for a PREMIUM copy of Efemeris!

Lastly, amazingly enough, they offer a well-designed online demo of the game for you to try out!