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Category: Age: 13+ 45 - 75 Min 2 - 4 Players 2018

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ELO Darkness is a customizable card game that has been inspired by the MOBA strategy videogame genre.

The game comes with 30 heroes in five different classes. Each player controls a team of five heroes that are represented by a deck of 40 cards. The deck-building element of the game allows you to make your team by selecting among loads of characters and choose your play style. Each class has a specific role and is associated to specific lanes on the board of the game. Your goal is to get to the opponent’s base on the map, destroying their towers.

Hero cards can be played in combat, while they can also be discarded in order to give you Experience points and gold that you need to buy numerous items from your item deck throughout the game. You may also choose to strategically retreat from a lane in order to draw cards from your deck or take actions that reinforce other lanes during a combat.

When combat takes place players choose at the same time their hero or Action cards and fight separately on each lane. The hero who wins at a specific lane progresses towards the enemy base and destroys towers.

The game features hand management and variable player powers, and allows you to think wisely before making decisions during the Farming, Backing and Combat phases.

ELO Darkness has been up on Kickstarter and is already above its funding goal. You can find out more here!


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