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Category: Age: 10+ 20 - 40 Min 2 - 4 Players 2018
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Everyone knows and loves the gold rush that took place in the U.S.A in the 1840’s-50’s. In End of the Trail you are one of those brave souls who tried to change their lives by searching for gold in California.

Game Overview

“End of the Trail” is a hand management and exploration game with “press your luck” elements and bluffing. The game is played over the course of three rounds and the goal is to have the most gold by the end of the game. You start with your Prospector, three tents, one camp and 6 cards. The most exciting element in this game is the multi-use of cards. They can be used as money, for their rank and suit, or for their abilities that help you throughout the game. Randomly select a number of land tiles according to the number of players and form the section of California. You also place the movement tiles – that determine the way you can reach the tiles – to the left of the grid. Finally, when you have a look at your cards, you must select one among them to be the first of a poker hand that you will develop until the end of the game.

A round consists of three phases:

Supply Phase: In this phase you bid on a set of cards. If you win the auction you must pay the amount of money you bided, by discarding the appropriate number of cards.

Prospecting Phase: You head out to the land tiles to prospect and stake a claim if you find it profitable. You must select 2 or 3 cards from your hand at the same time with the other players and place them facedown in front of you. Then, all players reveal their cards and determine the turn order, as well as the navigation to the gold field. By using the selected cards, you can prospect the land tiles and claim them by placing your prospector’s tent on top of the tile. If you do not like that particular tile, you can place your prospector on it and pass to the next player until your turn comes again. You can claim only one tile per round.

Gambling Phase: Take your cards that were used in the Prospecting phase and choose 1 or 2 to contribute to your set of poker cards. Place these cards face up next to your facedown card.
At the end of the round, players are dealt up to 5 cards and a new round begins.

After the 3rd round, the game is over. Players create their best possible set of poker cards by choosing among their face-up cards and the one facedown in front of them. The player with the best combination wins the title to a 4th and final claim by placing their camp on a tile. Players earn gold according to their claimed tiles and their poker combination.

“End of the Trail” has a unique combination of mechanisms that makes it very appealing and refreshing. There have been also plenty of stretch goals unlocked in the kickstarter campaign that add much content to the game and do not forget the deluxe version that comes with gold nuggets, a box sleeve and much more! If you want to travel back to the gold rush, check “End of the trail” on Kickstarter!

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