EPHYRAN – Build The Most Prestigious City!

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Category: Age: 8+ 20 - 40 Min 2 - 4 Players 2018
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Each player takes a role of a god and try to build the most prestigious city. The city is called Ephyran. Use mythical creatures and god powers to prevail at the end of the game.


Ephyran is a simple card game with gorgeous art and is comprised of many quick rounds. The cards are divided in two parts. Each part is either a Territory or a Support. Territories have an area number, a type of mythical creature and maybe magical tokens that give victory points, while Supports have special abilities. The catch in the game is that a card can only be used for one of its sides and not both, which means that by playing a Territory you sacrifice the Support side or the other Territory side and vice versa. Every player begins the game with 4 cards and a Dionysus card (wild card) and chooses one god (4 different colors).

A game round has 4 options and you get to choose only one of them:

  • Add a Territory to your city.
  • Change a (non-covered) territory of your city by discarding it and replacing it immediately by another
  • Play a support card
  • Discard a card

Territories have 4 different colors and must be placed in the correct order (1,2,3,4)

The game ends if someone completes their city (16 cards) or if the deck is out of cards. Victory points are scored and whoever has the most victory points wins the game. Victory points are gained through mythical creatures, through magical tokens and also through completing the city. Also, depending on which god you have you can get double victory points for their territory (matching color).

The price of the game as well as the shipping costs are low, but the game is not available to all countries. There are also stretch goals that add more cards to the game. If you like light card games you can check EPHYRAN here!

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