Groves – Who Is Going to Become the Ruler of Idyllon?

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Category: Age: 13+ 60 Min 1 - 4 Players 2017

The Queen has passed away and the kingdom has lost the greatness and grace it used to bear. You, the Guardians of the Four Winds, have given your word of honor that the kingdom will regain its glory. For this reason, the Queen has left the crown of Idyllon for you to equally share it, until you breathe new life into the land. When that happens, the Guardian who has made the most remarkable domain will become the new Lord or Lady of Idyllon.

Groves is a game of strategy where each player owns workers of different types that can use in order to collect the benefits of the land. Each of you has a summoning bag from which you draw your Spirits and place them on the available locations. At the beginning of the game, you can place Spirits only on your own groves or on the central Tree of Idyll. But, after you have built a portal, you may place them on other players’ groves, as well. Placing Spirits on the groves allows you to gain resources and dominion points, whereas by playing on the Tree of Idyll, you may purchase new Groves, gather bonuses and build portals.

Once all Grove cards have been played, you count Dominion gathered from Groves, Grove abilities, from summoning cards and from bonuses. The player with the most Dominion is the one to become the Lord or the Lady of Idyllon.

Groves has already been funded on Kickstarter and there are a few hours to go until the campaign ends.

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