Gruff: Rage of the Trolls – Fight Them With Your Mutated Goats!

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Category: Age: 11+ 1 - 2 Players 2018
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Theme Overview

In Gruff: Rage of the Trolls players are shepherds who assemble a team of mutated goats and fight vicious trolls to the death. Are your goats strong enough to prevail?

Game Overview

The game plays solo or co-operative with a friend. First of all, a player choose a shepherd, 3 gruffs and 8 ability cards from each gruff. Every gruff has 15 ability cards. Shuffle those 24 ability cards and form your deck. On they turn, players arrange the 3 gruffs in front of them forming a line and begin the game with 5 cards.

Trolls count both as gruffs and shepherds and can be attacked from anywhere and targeted by cards that target both. Trolls have Life, Rage (attack value), Fat (defensive value). There are also 5 behavior cards for each troll.

Every shepherd has a life status, a crazy status (resources) and a breaking point which is a limit for specific cards when you build a deck. Also some shepherds have special abilities. Gruffs have 3 characteristics Fat,Weird and Mean. They also have a special ability. Mean is the offensive capacity, Fat the defensive capacity and Weird helps your shepherd Crazy stat.

Phases of the game:

1.Resolution Phase where various effects are resolved

2.Draw phase: Draw a card from your deck. If a deck runs out of cards it is not shuffled again.

3.Activation Phase: Select one of your gruffs to act this turn.

4.Play Cards Phase: Play ability cards equal or less to your Crazy stat.

5.Tactical Action Phase: Choose to attack or do other actions with the activated gruff.

Troll has also a turn. On its turn there are 3 steps.

1.Troll resolution phase: Resolve conditions and attacks from previous turn.

2.Rage phase: The trolls gains more rage

3.Troll behavior phase: The troll plays a behavior card. When behavior cards run out, shuffle again the discard pile.

So in overall that is a game turn. If you manage to kill the troll you win. Of course there a lot of additional details that add depth to the game. Also, if you choose to play co-op when any player dies the troll wins.

This game is a standalone game in the gruff universe. You can also combine cards from previous sets to play this one. From this kickstarter campaign you can aquire all the previous releases of Gruff with all the previous stretchgoals. The price and shipping rates are not expensive and there is extra stuff to unlock as the campaign goes on. If you like solo and co-op games then you can check out Gruff on Kickstarter.


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