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Category: Age: 12+ 30 - 120 Min 1 - 4 Players 2018

A new exciting exploration game comes from the quite new publisher (2014 founded), Voodoo Games. Isles of Terror just launched on Kickstarter supported by a well-structured campaign that forecasts its success. Before we jump into the overview of the game I would like to highlight their KS video which had a very smooth and straightforward explanation of the game without unnecessary parts which made it informative and quite enjoyable for me!

Game Overview

Theme & Goal
18th Century – Rumors about an uncharted island full of great wealth and fortune have been spread out. Four greedy nations responded to that challenge by forming exploration teams ready to experience a high stake once in a lifetime adventure!
As expected, the player with the most victory points will be the winner of the game, points that you can gain through completing missions, objectives and defeating bosses and captains. You should be able to tell that it won`t be easy just by the name!

General Gameplay
Isles of Terror is a game for up to four players which means you can play solo but also pick between cooperative and competitive gameplay. This is only the first piece of its high replay value structure. As the leader of an exploration team, you will choose one of the four available factions and set on a brave adventure.
For starters, the board of the game, the isle, will be different every time you play by changing the layout of the exploration tokens, making each journey a unique story. This makes me feel like you will explore a new island each time, making cool decisions on the fly as you fight for glory and wealth.
On your turn you will execute an action and play will alternate among players up to the point you have executed three actions. Each action you take will be chosen among a different set of three actions each time. This happens by placing one of your three action tokens on one of the three available spaces on your board in which each space is linked to three possible actions as mentioned.

There are five different type of actions:
-Land, which lets you occupy sea hexes and land on the island, exploring your space.
-Move, which lets you move on the island, exploring and fighting.
-Recruit, which lets you recruit more men.
-Produce, which lets you harvest the resources in your controlled areas.
-Supply, which lets you get additional resources.

Some actions will give you extra resources depending on the space you used the action from. There are more details on the game, like starting with ability cards you can use and a mission that score you additional points.

Like you would expect, the island itself is a hostile place with many dangers lurking and the local tribes being a little pissed at you, their new visitors. All these, along with your rivals, can be solved through many ways, bloody or not, something that will be up to you.
The game is based on a story-driven structure that will let you immerse and end up with a story to tell after each game. Another option is to choose and play a campaign for a more solid storytelling.

The game has many elements that can be randomized in order to have a unique playset each time which is a big plus for me. The rules will be available for us to read soon enough and if you want more info about the game you can check out its campaign.
Don`t forget to join the Giveaway for a chance to win a copy of this epic adventure! And good luck on your expedition, if you dare to set sail!

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Isle of Terror

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