Lucidity: Are You a Dreamer… or will you Become Nightmare?

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Category: Age: 14+ 20 - 30 Min 2 - 4 Players 2018


In Lucidity you are a dreamer trying to escape from the realm of dreams by claiming power. If you are not careful enough the nightmares will consume you and you will become a Nightmare yourself. As a Nightmare, you must hunt down the other dreamers and devour their dreams.


Lucidity is a light game that incorporates dice rolling with a push your luck mechanism. All players at the start of the game are Dreamers and each take a Dreamer card. On the dreamer card, there are various locations: The HUNT, the EXHAUST, the POWER, the SLEEP track and the SHADOWS. The game has 80 custom dice in 4 colors. The dice have sides that can match each track (except SLEEP track).

At the start of your turn you must decide on the sleep track how many dice you want to take from the bag. You choose 2 dice and return them to the bag. Roll any remaining dice. Each color has different potential for the roll. For example, the red dice are the only ones that have a HUNT symbol and a 2 POWER symbol on them.

When you roll the dice, you must resolve the symbols rolled and then place them on the matching rows on your Dreamer card. You may at any time spent 1 or 2 POWER on your card to re-roll any unresolved dreams matching that POWER’s color. After you resolve the dice you check if any rows are filled and then you choose if you want to play again drawing even more dice from the bag.

You cannot play more than 3 times each turn. If you complete your EXHAUST row you might lose POWER and you cannot continue to push your luck while exhausted. You must then rest. If you complete your SHADOW row you become a NIGHTMARE. When you become a NIGHTMARE, you play differently in your turn. You gain POWER from other players or make them roll more dice.

The game ends in one of three ways:
If a player at the end of any turn has 15 or more POWER any dreamer left, takes one final turn and then the game ends.
If all players are NIGHTMARES or have lost the game (a player lose the game when their HUNT row fills).
If any player must draw a die, but none remains.
The winner is the player with the most POWER.

The kickstarter campaign is really explanatory about the game and there are several updates already. The price of the game is about 29$ including worldwide shipping. Although the theme of the game is really dark, the game itself is pretty simple and easy to learn. It is a filler game with a lot of dice rolling and luck elements, but you also have some decision making in your turn. If you like to roll dice again and again you can check out Lucidity on Kickstarter!


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