Minerva – Build the Most Prosperous City of the Roman Empire!

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Category: Age: 8+ 60 - 90 Min 1 - 4 Players 2018
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As a state official of the Roman Empire you are in charge of a Roman city. Every official is trying to make their city as prosperous and glorious as Rome. Whoever has the best city will win the favor of the goddess Minerva.


Minerva is a tile placing, resource management game. The goal of the game is to gain more victory points than your opponents. Every player has a starting tile for their city and 9 living quarters in their reserve. They also get some denarii. In the middle of the play area there are starting tile locations which you can acquire along with the tiles that are revealed every turn. These tiles are called facility tiles.

Each round consists of 4 phases:

1 Main Phase: In this phase players play in turns. They can buy and build facility tiles, built residential tiles from their reserve, place assistants to activate the residential buildings or pass their turn if they have nothing left to do.

2 Gain assistants: In this step, players in their turn can acquire assistants with money or glory

  1. Gain glory: Players compare their glory tokens and gain the corresponding glory tiles.
  2. Prepare for next round: Return the glory tokens to the bank, draw tiles for next round and determine turn order.

After 6 rounds the game ends and players total the amount of Victory points that they have. You can gain Victory Points from tiles, money and resources.

This kickstarter is for a newer version of Minerva through Pandasaurus Games. The campaign is mostly focused on the deluxe limited version of the game, which costs 60$ instead of 40$ that will be the retail price for the normal edition. Almost all stretch goals are for the deluxe version and include wooden components and metal coins. I must admit that the components of the retail version seem to lack the quality that the deluxe version offers. The shipping costs are just estimates, but from official statements the cost ranges between 6 and 16$. If you like euro style, tile placing games check out Minerva on Kickstarter!

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