Museum Last Hours on Kickstarter!

Category: Age: 12+ 30 - 60 Min 2 - 4 Players 2018
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MUSEUM is the latest game brought by “Holy Grail Games”. You can immediately by now know when a game is illustrated by “Vincent Dutrait” and this one is another feast for your eyes. It includes over 300 individual illustrations making it a piece of art on its own.


In this game you are a curator of a museum in the golden age of museums, trying to build the biggest and most coherent collection you can. You will start the game with a small collection of relics to get you started and then you will have to explore the world and adapt to any situation.
All the pieces in the game are real life discoveries, accompanied with historical information as flavor text to bring them to life for us. The goal of the game is the usual one, having the most points at the end of the game, which is triggered when a player reaches 50 points.
The game seems to be fast paced, focused on discovering and collecting, for a big scale set-collection gaming experience.
What caught my attention on this game is its production and graphic design, apart of the stunning art. Everything seem to be there for a reason, focusing a lot on every single detail so the theme can breathe. In your try to build your museum historical events will challenge your choices and your patrons will affect your moves. Of course, recruiting the right people to accompany you in your effort is a vital part of the game along with equipping your museum with the right items.
Museum is already way over its funding goal and it will keep raising more funds. The most appealing element of the game for me is its theme implementation as it seems to bring it to life effectively so it is something that it appeals to me and want to explore. If that seems interesting to you, check out its campaign here to know more!