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Category: Age: 8+ 15 Min 2 - 4 Players 2017
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“Night Clan” is the first game from “Gamephilia”, a new company dedicated in publishing engaging and beautiful games. With art by “Asahiro”, the beautiful part is bound to be true and after reading the rules I can see “engaging” coming into life. Personally, I am a big fan of Japanese designs, which brought micro games into the surface. They tend to be smartly implemented, elegant, easy to learn, quick and with deep gameplay.


You are a duke, living happily in the northern city of Bergen with your seven beautiful daughters.
One day, of those that even the air makes you feel unease, a strange man appears before you, with a shocking statement:
“There is a giant of the Forest who will come after your daughters and your wealth”.
As crazy as it may have sounded, deep inside, you knew it was the mad truth…
That man went as far as to help you hide your precious daughters and your wealth. How could you not promise, to such a man, a part of your wealth after it was all over. After all, all wealth turns to dust before your daughters’ safety.


Your goal of the game is to be the player with the most Victory Points at the end of the game, by successfully protecting your riches and daughters.
The game flow and rules are fairly easy:
To setup the game, layout an amount of Location cards according to the number of players and each player takes one of the available identical 13-card decks in the color back of their choice.  Then, you all draw 3 cards from your deck and are ready to begin with a starting player of your choice!

 -Location Cards: Each card has a number on it to determine the maximum number of cards that can be played on that Location. A Location’s capacity can never be exceeded, even temporarily.

-Main Cards: As mentioned, each player has a deck with the same set of 13 cards. These cards have up to two icons, one on the upper left to determine the number of VPs they grand and another to the upper right to determine if you must play it face-down instead of face up.

On your turn, you must play exactly two cards, each on a Location card of your choice, face down if indicated. Then, draw two cards from your deck and that’s it!
Players take turns until they have played all cards in their decks. That triggers the game end and the Scoring takes place, to determine the winner.
Each Location card is scored by following these steps:

  1. The player with the most cards on that Location receives the Location card, it will be used for tie breaker purposes.
  2. Resolve any possible effect from the cards on that Location.
  3. Each player adds to their total any VP granted by their respective cards on the Location.

Thus, the player with the most VP wins the game. In case of a tie the one with the Location cards of the highest capacity total at their disposal, wins.

As you may already understand, the whole meaning of the game lies on the different type of cards you have and their abilities, so let’s check them out:
1x TROLL: The Troll grants -2VP and must be played face down. When scoring a Location, if there are more Troll cards than Mistletoe (our next type) cards, all cards are discarded! No scoring happening here, *evil laugh*.

1x MISTLETOE: She is here to save the day! As mentioned above, equal or more Mistletoe cards nullify the effect of Troll cards. She must be played face down and worth 1VP but will be discarded if there is no Troll card on the Location at all.

2x RICHES: Played also face down, Riches grant a certain amount of VP if not discarded.

7x DAUGHTERS: Same as Riches, with the difference they are played face up.

2x NIGHT WATCH: This card is the only one that takes effect immediately as you play it on a Location, letting you either bring a card of yours from another Location to this one or send an opponent’s card from this Location to another.

“Night Clan” combines some of my favorite mechanics and aspects in gaming. It is really quick, easy to learn so it can be used as an introductory game, contains bluff thus the psychology aspect of “reading my opponent” and its aesthetics are gorgeous!
Eager to try out this one, if you are too, check it out on Kickstarter.


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