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Category: Age: 10+ 30 Min 1 - 4 Players 2018


You are taking part in the Kamona Potion Contest along with other witches. Grab your ingredients and get ready! Can you fulfill all the recipes before your opponents?


In “Pepper and Carrot: The Potion Contest” you have the chance to visit your favorite characters from David Revoy’s “Pepper & Carrot” comic. But even if you are not familiar with the comic, you can delve into the beautiful and colorful world of Pepper.

Now let us talk about the game. A main recipe board will be filled with random ingredient tiles shuffled face down and then turned face up. Every player will get his own board and 3 of each ingredient tiles, as well as 3 special order cards. These ingredient tiles are also shuffled face down in each players board and then are turned face up. With the order cards, you can move your ingredients in order to succeed in producing the correct recipe. Moreover, there are 3 main order cards face up (drawn from the main order deck) in the center of the board. The game is ready to begin!

Orders are the main mechanism of the game. With orders you can rotate, swap and push the ingredients on your board in order to match the recipes in the main board. A player has to choose the rightmost face up order on the board or one of the orders in his hand, or he can simply pass his turn. Hand orders can only be used once. Each ingredient has connectors that will point to two or three directions. A player can complete a recipe only if each ingredient in his board is connected as depicted on the recipe of the main board. The main board has 3 recipes in total. Whoever manages to complete all 3 recipes is the winner of the contest!

The game is simple and seems really fun. I really like puzzle games and “Pepper and Carrot: The Potion Contest” can provide to the lovers of puzzle games quite a challenge. The game can be also played solo. Also, there is the Chaosah variant where players have only one personal order and when they play it, they also change the main order of the other players.

The kickstarter campaign is pretty straight forward. There are different pledge tiers where you can pledge for the game and for some exclusive stuff, for example a deluxe rulebook, bonus art and the Chaosah bonus mode. The shipping rates are free for UK, France and US and 10-15 $ for the rest of the world. If you are fond of puzzle games you can check “Pepper and Carrot” here!

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