Protect the Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove… He Is Coming…

Category: Age: 8+ 5 - 40 Min 2 - 3 Players 2017
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When you were kids, did you happen to hear any creepy stories about the boogeyman who comes and takes little children? Did you really think that he might come for you too..?

Endangered Orphans is a hybrid card game with a horrible and dark, however amazing theme. Players are orphans that try to survive and avoid being taken by the Boogeyman!

Each player adopts an Orphan, which gets some options. The Cove Cards make up the game board that grows and changes in every game. Each space of the board gives unique advantages, however, the better the advantage, the riskier it is to stay. Players have several Options which can target orphans on specific spaces and force them to lose their own Options. When an Orphan is running out of Options, it may risk a visit to Kiddie Corner, where it may blindly choose from The Acts of Desperation. Most of these Acts provide players with more Options. Yet, there is one where the Boogeyman lurks… Make sure that you always have Options available, because if you finally run out of them, the Boogeyman will take your Orphan…

The player whose Orphan is not taken by the Boogeyman wins the game!

Endangered Orphans is an easy-to-learn game, but not very simple, taking a lot of strategy. All kinds of players will enjoy it and all of them will feel their hair stand on end…

It has been launched on Kickstarter doing great already and it will be here to horrify you in 2017.