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Serengeti: A race for life

Category: Age: 8+ 30 - 45 Min 2 Players 2018
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You are in the African Savannah trying to preserve the ecosystem and ensure the survival of its ecosystem.


Serengeti is a deck building game with some unique mechanisms for 2 players. Players start the game with a simple deck that they can enrich with different cards. Starting cards are called Trail cards and the cards that can be gained through those Trail cards are the Animal cards. There are 8 different stacks of animals in the game, each providing a simple and a more advanced effect. In order to activate those effects, players have to sacrifice other cards by placing them face down under the card they wish to use. Advanced effects require more cards. The twist in this game is that while you are acquiring cards throughout the game thinking of your strategy, you must also be aware of the scoring system. Each category of animals scores at the end of the game. Whoever has the majority of a category gains 1 victory point for each animal. There are also some other scoring conditions.

A game turn is:

  • Reveal an event card from the event deck and apply its effects
  • Play cards from hand
  • End turn and draw back to 5 cards.

Serengeti has 3 end conditions which trigger the scoring phase.

“Serengeti: A race of life” seems a really interesting deckbuilding game. It is easy and although there are not many cards, the replay value of the game is depended upon the fact that you have to choose which ability to use and which cards to discard in order to do so.

The price of the game is pretty low and the shipping costs vary from 4-10 pounds. If you like deckbuilding games, Serengeti surely worths a try.


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