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LudiCreations was robbed at the Essen Fair and created “Steal This Game” to let us help them.

LudiCreation’s cash box was stolen during the Essen Fair on Saturday, October 15th. The event itself is unfortunate, especially when taking into account that the victim was a rising small publisher. Maybe the fact that they are not big enough to have a huge booth and many people working there and securing the area was one of the reasons to target their money.  It was a big blow both financially and emotionally as the team mentions.

But in times of crisis people tend to come closer and open their hands to each other. This was what happened in this case as many people contributed to get them back in foot through a creative way, making a micro game. David Turczi, a game designer, spent a whole night to make a game inspired by the event, having that same theme.  Other publishers, reviewers, gamers etc. helped to bring this game to life through playtesting and supporting the Kickstarter campaign that came to life in order to counter the theft.

The game itself is an asymmetric 2-player game in which one player is the thief and the other a small publisher that tries to protect their cash box. The game comes in a post-card and the players must just have their own pair of six-sided dice in order to play. It is a bluff game that lasts from 1 to 5 minutes.

We must get inspired from this story and remember that we are not alone when facing this world. If you want to show your support and try this clever little game make sure to check out the Kickstarter which already has raised more than 24,000$!

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