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Category: Age: 12+ 60 Min 2 - 4 Players 2018


In this classic game of Dr.Knizia you take the role of a rail investor in 1830’s England. There are seven companies competing for the expansion of the railways. Can you win the most Prestige points by making the right investments?


This kickstarter is about reprinting the classic game of Reiner Knizia “Stephenson’s Rocket”. It has improved artwork and components, some rule changes and a new USA map designed by Dr.Knizia that will be included in all kickstarter copies.

The aim of the game is to score Prestige points. During the game, players will receive shares after paying to extend the different rail lines. With the shares players can influence the future directions of the lines.

On their turn, they have two mandatory actions (even the same one)

  1. Extend a rail line
  2. Invest in Industries
  3. Build a station

Prestige points are won after a rail line is connected to a city, after a rail line is connected to a town or when two rail lines merge and at the end of the game. The game ends when only one rail line is still available for awarding shares or if there are no more track tiles left.

The price of the game includes the shipping costs and is very reasonable. There also other games as add-ons which also have free shipping. If you like tile placement games and bidding “Stephenson’s Rocket” is just for you! Check it out on Kickstarter!

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