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“Lion Keinan” from Tyto Games answers some questions about the company, their live campaign “Stone Daze” and possible future projects!

“Stone Daze” is “Tyto Games’” third successful campaign on Kickstarter. Let us know about your company, its vision and philosophy, before focusing on the game.
Tyto Games is a partnership between two geeky dads that share a passion for gaming and family so we try to design easy to learn yet deeply strategic and tactical board games that can be played by adults and kids alike. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the generation who created technology and the generation that uses it by offering intricate games that are also fun.

What was the inspiration behind “Stone Daze”, such a vivid cartoony family game?
Being 40+ we had a smaller selection of content as kids and mainstream cartoons like the Flintstones and hit movies like Caveman (Ringo Starr 1981) along with shows like Captain Caveman and others were favorites as children. When we design games with children in mind we want to give them a little bit of what we got as kids and when we design games for adults we want them to feel just for a little bit like kids. Add to that our fascination with history and futurism seasoned with Essen’s Neanderthal Museum and we just could not resist.

What was the greatest challenge that you faced during the designing and development of the game?
Our greatest challenge was redesigning the mechanism to be suitable for more than 2 players, our previous Final Act is a 2 player only and many of our backers actually got to games so they can play 2 vs 2 so we wanted to give them what they wanted and build on that feedback, we love to hear what people who play our games think, and so the individual control panels were born. Unlike the “Final Act” panels which simulate dials we had to connect the control panels to the theme and since we like to use raw materials like wood we came up with these Magnetic Control Panels that movement order can neatly and easily be assign using just dyed washer (disc) from metal, simple yet effective.

What kind of gaming experience do you want to create with this game to players and for what kind of gamers is it suitable for?
We want players to jump right in and have fun, learn as they go and keep playing and getting better each time. We really want them to have fun but they’ll need to work their brains really hard, read their opponent and look several steps ahead in order to prevail. That’s where the adrenaline comes in, tested and observed time and time again our games aren’t for the fade hearted, they will give you an adrenaline rush if you manage to outwit you opponent or avoid a great mishap, it will come.

What is your favorite element or mechanic of the game?
Clearly the simultaneous movement (“si-mov”) and throwing of the clubs is the core of “Stone Daze”, the game system creates a flow not normally seen in other games, even other si-mov games struggle to create a fun flowing mechanism which our magnetic control panels and head bumps (actually inserted to the figurine’s head) resolve.
The multiplayer aspect of the game creates a unique “huddle” experience which also requires a bit of an ability to read your opponents (and their bluffs). Since the game changes scene by scene, each round involves 4 stages (movement, clubbing, resolution), players can take action together each time or just let each team carry out the movement in turn and watch, learn, discuss the maneuvers. In more advanced stages, just go at it each team simultaneously and progress is faster and more challenging, basically the game adapts to the player without losing any intensity and fun, that’s what I like.
In either case, each round the board game changes dramatically and new challenges arise which you must adapt to and find a local solution in order to achieve your grand scheme!

What else can we expect in the future from “Tyto Games”?
Oh, well, if I tell you I’ll have to …
But seriously we have two designs on the table now, one takes us a bit out of the box as far as how to take board games ahead and the other takes us into a realm unknown which uses a really really large board with miniatures and a very special way to aim and target which we can’t share at the moment but it has never been tried and is quite a spectacle!

Only a few hours left to grab your copy of “Stone Daze”! Check out its funded campaign on Kickstarter.

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