Take the Galaxy… If You Can…

Category: Age: 12+ 45 - 60 Min 1 - 4 Players 2017
Designers: , Artists: Publishers:

In Take the Galaxy, you choose one of the available factions and you set out to explore and colonize a new galaxy. You can try and build an expensive and fancy colony or you can focus on research in order to find the secrets of the universe. There are many choices that you must make, but can you make the right ones so that your faction prospers?

The game set up is simple. There is the Space deck which you have to explore as the game progresses. This deck is shuffled separately. Every player gets their own deck, which has a homeworld, a frontier colony and marked cards which form your starting hand. Before you start playing, draw 2 cards from the Space deck face up.
The game continues in 5 phases.

1.The Draw Space card phase: In this phase, you draw 1 additional card from the Space deck face up. These cards are the explored space where you can build more colonies or resolve various events.
2.Draw a card phase: The player draws a card from his deck.
3.Reset phase: Reset cards that were used in previous turns.
4.Action phase: You perform various actions, like building cards on the explored space cards, use cards to gain resources, resolve events and space anomalies. When you build a card, there is a cost on the upper left corner. The cost is paid by discarding the appropriate number of cards from your hand. Some cards can also be upgraded by paying up the difference in cost.
End of turn.

That is the game in overall. Throughout the game you are called to choose between an array of decisions, so you must think carefully which one is best for you without helping your opponent. Winner of the game is the one with the most renown points.

I really like the art of the game and every card in a player and Space deck has different artwork. Also, the price of the game is quite low, but if you want a 3 to 4 player experience you have to buy an extra copy. The good news is that there is an awesome stretch goal for the early backers of the game. If you have backed the game before the first stretch goal is achieved, you receive for free the additional content required to play with 3-4 players. The shipping costs are from 11 to 19 euros (for Netherlands 7 euros). So, if you are eager on colonizing foreign civilizations on outer space check out Take the Galaxy here!