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Tales from the Taverns: Legends of Goblins Past – Can You Weave the Greatest Story?

Category: Age: 8+ 20 Min 2 - 10 Players 2016

Tales from the Taverns is a competitive storytelling game, where players have to make the most gripping story by completing the tales of their hero.

There are long forgotten legends of Goblins past and stories of heroes’ conquests that some bards have collected by traveling across the earth. The epic tales of these heroes should not be erased from the annals of bardic lore, therefore your responsibility is to keep their memory alive by telling their stories to travelers at different taverns across the land. You are trying to draw the audience’s attention by describing creatures of darkest myths and artifacts of untold power, while you are competing against other bards who tell the stories of their own heroes.

Each player has a storyboard on which you have to carefully play cards, in order to complete the tales according to your hidden objectives. Placing the cards on the board requires planning and well-developed strategy. At the same time, you should beware of the other players who might try to interrupt you and sabotage your plans.

After ten rounds of quick play, scores are calculated including hero bonuses and hidden objectives that have been achieved. The player with the highest total Lore wins the game.

Tales from the Taverns will be running on Kickstarter for a few more days and you may contribute to its funding and weave the greatest stories of the Goblins Past!

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