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It’s Time to Grab your Swords

Category: 2 - 5 Players 2017
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Swords is a fast-paced card game where quick thinking and immediate decisions, as well as reacting instantly, are of great significance, just like when fighting with swords!

During the game, all players make their decisions and their moves at the same time without knowing what their opponents have in mind. Your goal is to be the first player that gets rid of their cards. This means that at times you may have to team up with some of your opponents, in order to prevent another player from winning. You will have to play strategically and bear in mind that each card works in a different way, based on whether you will play it on yourself or an opponent.

Swords is a fun game in which you can choose to play single battles or a war where numerous battles take place and the player that gains 6 points is the winner. You can find out more about the game and its cards here!

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