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Category: Age: 14+ 30 - 45 Min 3 - 8 Players 2018
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Unstable Unicorns is a light card game featuring cute and humorous art. Published by “teeturtle”, a T-shirt company where you can find cute, funny and pop culture shirts. Stuffed animals and board games on the cute side are a new addition to their line of products.


Ying and Yang, light and darkness, positive and negative, destruction and Unicorns! When the last two merge you get an army of Unicorns, ready to annihilate your friends. Why do you need them if you can have Unicorns after all?! Build your Army to prevail!


The goal of the game is to build your army of 7 unicorns. There are baby unicorns, basic unicorns and magical unicorns with special powers that can be added to your mighty army!
The game also has four other type of cards; Magic, to create mayhem; Downgrades, to negatively affect your opponents’ stables; Upgrades, to power up your stable and lastly Instants that can nullify other cards.

The flow of the game is pretty straightforward, on your turn, draw a card and then play one from your hand. You can play any type of card, adding a Unicorn to your stable, unleashing powerful magic, downgrading or upgrading stables. Instant cards are played for free to stop another card from coming to play, even another Instant!
And that’s all you have to know to play the game, it’s that simple!

If you are ready for some cuteness overload along with some destructive needs, make sure to check out “Unstable Unicorns” on Kickstarter.

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