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Vanuatu – The Second Edition Is Coming Back

Category: Age: 12+ 60 - 90 Min 2 - 5 Players 2016
Designers: Publishers:

This great strategy game is coming back with a second edition by Quined Games.

Vanuatu is a game of programming actions in order for you to be the most prosperous Vanuatuan on the island. You have to fish, find treasures, manage natural resources, as well as place and retrieve workers and help tourists. You can earn money by carrying tourists to the Vanuatu islands or by trading cargo with other countries.

Vanuatu is a worker placement game, where good strategy needs to be developed to hinder other players, so that they don’t manage to get resources. Moreover, there is a lot of interaction taking place among the players.

Vanuatu comes with the Rising Waters and Governor mini-expansions. The Rising Waters expansion is also available as a standalone where five island tiles will be replaced by wooden parts, so it becomes compatible with the old version. However, the Governor expansion is not a standalone version.

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