Vast: The Crystal Caverns – Who Are You Gonna Be?

Category: Age: 10+ 75 Min 1 - 5 Players 2016
Designers: , Publishers:

Vast: The Crystal Caverns is a dungeon crawling game for 1 to 5 players, in which there is the dragon’s cave with a treasure, and then there is the Knight, the Goblin and the Dragon. Oh, there is the Cave, too. Yes, you can play as the Cave if you like…

Players can take on the role of the Knight, Dragon, Goblin, Thief or Cave and the goal and winning conditions vary according to each character. The Dragon wins if he wakes up and escapes the cave, the Knight wins if he kills the Dragon, the Goblin has to kill the Knight, the Thief must stash 6 treasures or Dragon Gems and finally the Cave has to fully expand and then collapse on everyone! This means that each character plays in a different way, which adds more replayability to the game. Each character has its own tokens, pieces and powers, as well as a player board that reminds the player how their character works and what their goal is. There are several variants in the game, including every possible combination of characters from 1 to 5 players.

Choose the role you want to play and explore this game and its characters in all possible combinations for an endless and epic adventure! No matter what you choose to be, in the end there will only be one winner.