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Category: Age: 14+ 30 - 120 Min 3 - 5 Players 2018

Verrix just launched on Kickstarter and here’s some information of the game provided by Dice Tower Games:

VERRIX (Ancient Gaelic means King of Kings) is a management, strategic, historical game with a great interaction between players, asymmetrical and with a major card-driven mechanics plus a small deck building component.

Set in Britainnia on 54 BC, the player finds himself in a Celtic tribe with the goal of reaching the highest possible level of Fame in 12 turns (Celtic Calendar).

Each player will have different characteristics depending on:

– the type of tribe that he chooses to use at the beginning of the game, each tribe have a specific inclination like Handicraft, Trade, Misticism, Raid and Battle;

– select different starting region;

– during the game: they could increase the population, promote a tribesman to hero and raise the numbers of Action Cards in their possession.

The ways to earn Fame are different. You can gain Fame by playing certain Action Cards that reflect the celtic character of your tribe, or by earning the Gods favor in the 4 major festivals of the Celtic calendar, or even winning the battles in the best celtic way.

Particular characterizing of the game: the Battle. In fact, this action rewards the risk more, the more balanced about forces, the greater the chance to increase the victory prize and also provides the opportunity for all players to participate.

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