Warage Card Game: Extended Edition – Shipping Started!

Category: Age: 10+ 15 - 90 Min 2 - 6 Players 2016

You are Heroes wandering around in a world where ancient wars among the Races have taken place. In order to survive, you must get all the powerful equipment you can find, such as handcrafted swords and shields, magic scrolls or hi-tech weapons produced by a now-gone civilization. You are going to need all these, so that you will manage to defend yourselves against your opponents and defeat them.

Warage Card Game: Extended Edition is a card game with up to 1,040 cards and it requires deck building, strategy and the right resource management.

You can create your Hero by choosing one of the available Class and Race cards and you can build your deck with at least 55 cards. The key mechanics of the game is based on the 100 Hit Points that each Hero has, because in order to play a card, you must pay its price in HP. However, you can sell equipment in order to gain back some HP. Every round, you draw two cards, equip your Hero with the items you have in your hand and then you attack. You can attack your opponents through Physical or Magic Attacks. Your goal is to defeat them by bringing them to zero HP.

Warage Card Game: Extended Edition was successfully funded on Kickstarter and shipping started a few days ago!