Will You Rise to Nobility?

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Category: Age: 13+ 50 - 100 Min 2 - 5 Players 2017

In a magical land of heroes and villains, the Elf Princess has become the High Queen of the Five Realms and has built a new capital, the white-walled city of Caveborn. This is the only chance she has to make peace work among the Five Realms and keep the races united. She has formed the Stone Council, the unofficial head of which is Berk the Town Clerk, who is thought to be too nice and unassertive to be in such a position. So, a more confident leader is needed and this is your goal. Can you prove that you deserve to be the head of the Stone Council and help Caveborn thrive under the new Queen?

In Rise to Nobility, you take the role of landowners with unique abilities, who aim at earning a place among the lords. You will have to upgrade your land value, provide Settlers with a house and help them rise to influential places, which will help you earn money, resources and victory points, and you will also have to fulfill any demands that the Stone Council has, so that you can be rewarded. After 10 rounds have been completed, the player with the most victory points replaces Berk the Clerk and becomes the Head of the Stone Council!

Rise to Nobility is a dice worker placement game that requires great strategy, while it features an impressive artwork. It has been up on Kickstarter and it got funded from Day 1.

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