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Feb 2020 (2nd half) Board Games Launching Kickstarter

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Kevin looks at Board Games launching on Kickstarter the second half of February 2020.

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Feb 11 Marvel United from CMON and Spinmaster
Feb 15 or 22 Amazing Jungle Run
Feb 17 Conan relaunch
Feb 18 Gladius
Feb 18 Rival Restaurants Expansion
Feb 18 Whispers of Madness
Feb 18 Batman: The Animated Series Adventures – Shadow of the Bat
Feb 18 Feudal Endeavor
Feb 20 Hunt the Ravager
Feb 20 Empire of the stars
Feb 20 Ark: Awakening
Feb 21 Azrah War of Heralds
Feb 23 Neoprene Mats from Hyper Vyper
Feb 24 Robo Junkyard
Feb 25 Public Market
Feb 25 Tumble Town
Feb 25 Heroes of Tenefyr: the Second Curse (expansion)
Feb 25 Endogenesis: Beyond (Expansion)
Feb 25 Against the Gods (Season 1: Cleopatra)
Feb 27 Goetia Nine Kingdoms
Feb 27 The Dead Eye
Feb 27 Circus Corgis
Feb 28 The Last Bottle of Rum
Feb 28 Rumbbell FatDragon Invasion
Late Feb New Osaka

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