Morning Roll – Day 10 – SPIEL 2016 Highlights!

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Good morning gamers, we’re fresh off a busy weekend at SPIEL 2016, so let’s get to some of the highlights.

Z-Man Games will be releasing Pandemic Legacy Season 2 in 2017.

Fantasy Flight Games will provide an expansion to XCOM in the new year called Evolution.

Pretzel Games has developed a Flick ’em Up version of the Dead of Winter, coming soon.

Mindclash Games brought a complete version of their Kickstarter success Anachrony, which produced a lot of buzz from those that played it.

Iello Games showed off their upcoming releases of The Mysterious Forest and KanaGawa, the later getting a lot of attention.

ITB Games play tested two promising games at their booth: Sub Terra and Savage Lands. Both games are still in development.

Portal Games showcased several upcoming releases: a more complete version of their space-related worker placement game First Martians: Adventure on the Red Planet, an expansion for Cry Havoc called Aftermath, a second edition of the Stronghold expansion Undead, and a 4x style card game called Alien Artifacts.

Die Baumeusrer des Colosseum is a new game from the designer of Carcassonne where you build a Roman coliseum out of cards.

Meduris is a worker placement game where you build shrines to the gods, and will be released this November in North America.

Dized is a new app in development that simplifies instructions for board games, replacing convoluted rule books.

And that is just a taste of some of the new coming out of Essen. We’ll share more as it comes.

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Thanks for stopping by, we’ll see you tomorrow.

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