The Morning Roll – Day 16

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Good morning gamers, and Happy Halloween!

Funforge Games will be releasing a beautifully designed, family friendly fantasy game called Hop! in late 2016, where you enter a new world in the sky and float up to each level by completing challenges. Challenges are completed by helping others or getting others to help you. The first to reach level seven wins. To learn more and see some of the gorgeous artwork and characters, visit the website.

Do you remember the horror franchise Final Destination? Can you imagine the premise of those films as a game? Someone else did. Japanese publisher Manifest Destiny will be previewing Final Deathweek at this year’s Tokyo Game Market. The cooperative card collecting game borrows heavily from the horror franchise where players have to survive death for seven days (rounds). You only beat the game if all players survive.

Tricorn Games is finding ways to get kids off the couch with board games with Go Fish Fitness. Taking the classic card game, Tricorn adds a twist by adding a physical activity players have to perform to complete the match. For ages three and up, the game is expected to arrive in stores early 2017.

Looney Labs is of legal age! At least, that’s what they’ll tell you as they turn 21 in July 2017. To celebrate, the designer of the popular Fluxx line of games will release Drinking Fluxx under their adult Fully Baked Ideas brand. As you can imagine, an abundance of alcohol will be involved in the challenges, so play responsibility.

And bad news for Gloomhaven backers, as delivery has been delayed yet again. The game, originally funded in Sep 2015 on Kickstarter, hit another manufacturing snag and won’t be able to deliver to customers until the new year. Fingers crossed to all backers the game will be worth
the long wait.

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