The Morning Roll – Day 19

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Good morning gamers,

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new expansion to Elder Sign called Omens of the Deep, which brings new Mythos cards, new investigators and new mission markers to the base game. In this expansion, players jump aboard The Ultima Thule in the hunt for the lost city of R’lyeh. Fantasy Flight has a pretty extensive preview of the expansion. Read more here.

And we’re not leaving the world of Lovecraft yet, as Fantasy Flights has another expansion, this time for Eldritch Horror. The Dreamlands adds a new sideboard of a mythical dream-like world while adding new investigators and ancient ones. A preview of the game including a few of those investigators can be found here. The expansion is expected in stores in early 2017.

If you’re a fan of the Wild West Exodus line of games and miniatures, you should know the line is changing hands. The series has become a little too big for original publishers Outlaw Miniatures, so they are handing the bulk of the work to Wayland Games. Romeo Filip of Outlaw Miniatures made the announcement on Facebook, which included the following statement: “Over the past 12 months I, as the creator of the game, have realized I needed more help. I realized that it takes a team to build and progress a game like ours. A team much larger than what I personally was able to put together at Outlaw Miniatures. I and the rest of our staff felt that if we wanted the game to be incredible something would need to change.”

The University of Miami is offering an exhibit of board games in their Special Collections at their library. Titled Winner Takes All? Three Centuries of Games in Special Collections, it is more than a collection of classic board games, but glimpses into past cultures and societal standards. (For example, one game offered is a sort of Game Of Life for women, with career opportunities that include stewardesses, nurses or models, and pulling a card that says your makeup is sloppy can be detrimental. Clearly offensive by today’s standards, but a fascinating look into the past.). You can view the collection at the Special Collections unit on the eighth floor of Richter Library.

And congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s Extra Life campaign; you raised $6.65 million for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals!

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