The Morning Roll – Day 22

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Good morning gamers,

Cool Mini or Not keeps announcing new games. After announcing two last week, they have another two coming down the pipeline, both originally published by the Italian group Cranio Creations. First, they will translate and release Lorenzo il Magnifico, a card drafting, worker placement hit at SPIEL 2016, where players represent noble families building prestige and fame during the Italian Renaissance. Our own Ireth goes into greater detail here. The other game they will release is Council of 4, a hand management, network building game where you build an empire with your family while tearing down opposing family empires; CMON will not only translate, but update the artwork and add miniatures to their release. Expect both to be released in Q2 2017. And expect more from this partnership as CMON is already releasing Unusual Suspects this week, originally from Cranio Creations.

Fantasy Flight Games will be offering an exciting expansion to their Android: Netrunner card game in Q1 2017. Terminal Directive introduces a murder mystery narrative to the game where you have to track a serial killer, and it comes with card that have legacy effects to the base game. The expansion forces you to choose a path, either as a runner or as a corporation, and whatever path you take, there is no going back. Learn more here.

Remember when brain challenge apps were all the rage? Well they still attract a niche audience, and Asmodee is reaching out to that market with Braintopia, a tabletop version of different brain teasers that test your mental speed, reflexes, observation, logic, and so on. You can read more about the game and the different challenges they offer. The game will be in stores early next year.

Looking for more games you can use to introduce your kids to tabletop gaming? Steve Jackson Games is here to help with a new entry in their popular Munchkin line. Munchkin Wonderland is an Amazon exclusive and is a new them on Munchkin Treasure Hunt where you have the classic dice rolling and board movement combined with the Munchkin combat system. Plus the game is based on Alice in Wonderland, so it should be tones of fun for kids and for families.

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