The Morning Roll – Day 25

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Good morning gamers,

Hasbro has surprised Star Wars fans with a new board game based on Clue. In Star Wars Clue, you play one of six characters from Episode 4 searching the Death Star for which planet will be attacked next, as well as the plans to the Death Star. The real surprise comes from the board, which is a pretty sharp-looking 3D board that represents the interior of the Death Star. The game is now available for purchase on the Hasbro website.

Video game designer Defiant Development is teaming up with board game designer Rule & Make to bring their popular game Hands of Fate to tabletops. The original game plays like a deck-building card game with storytelling and choose-your-own-adventure elements that should translate to the table top quite nicely. No word on a release date at this time.

Arcane Wonders will be bringing Spoils of War to the masses in April 2017. A dice game for three to five players, you play as vikings bluffing and bidding with other players to claim treasure you collected from raids. The most treasure wins.

Space Goat Productions seems to know the right people to speak to for licensing. They successfully kickstarted their Evil Dead 2 board game, and now they will be bringing their tabletop version of The Terminator to Kickstarter in 2017. It is being described as an asymmetrical game with two boards: one for the year 1984 and one for the year 2029, in keeping with the Terminator theme. A nice added touch is including the original screenwriter of the film as a story consultant on the game.

Munchkin keeps coming out with new versions of its game. The next one we’ll get to see is Munchkin X-Men, which will be coming to stores in March 2017. This game comes with all XMen characters and is a standalone game that can also work as an expansion to Munchkin Marvel, which came out the past year.

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And not one but two interviews! One with the team behind The recently funded Stitches and the team bringing you 5-Minute Dungeon, currently on Kickstarter.

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