The Morning Roll – Day 26

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Good morning gamers,

Just in time for Christmas is the release of First Class from Z-Man Games. In this card-based game, you are upgrading your train to first class while addressing the needs of your customers, which is done through auction selection. Expect the game in stores mid-December.

Cards Against Humanity is doing a product refresh to streamline the abundance of expansions they have released over the years. First, they are releasing first three and second three expansions into their own packaging. Then, they have released a new expansion of 300 new cards. Finally, they have revamped the Bigger, Blacker Box to fit all of the new cards plus existing cards. All can be purchased on their website now.

Independent publisher Saved Game Lda has released their first self-published game without and crowdfunding or other support, a rare feat in the independent publishing world. Ascended is a mixed Strategy, Exploration, Fantasy and RPG game where you are a creature waking up in an unknown world with powers you never had before. Exploring the map, finding others, uncovering artifacts and battling evil beings will lead you to victory.

Upcoming Board Game Events:

LUDO 2016 – Gatineau, Canada – Nov 25-27, 2016

Board Games releasing this week:

The Blood of an Englishman – English first Edition

The Fog of War – English first Edition

Great Western Trail – English-only first Edition

Jórvík – English-only first Edition

Black Orchestra – English first Edition

Phase – English first Edition

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you next time for the Kickstarter edition!

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I’m a little ashamed to admit that I am late to the board gaming bandwagon. I briefly dabbled with RPGs and gave up on video games many moons ago, so board gaming never seemed like an option – until I was introduced to King of Tokyo, my gateway game, and it was all uphill from there! Outside of that, I work in entertainment in the true north, strong and free, and spend my off time embracing fatherhood.