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The Morning Roll – Day 3

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Sep 29, 2016 – Kickstarter Edition

‘Morning gamers, here is your morning roll for Sep 29, 2016, and every Thursday we’ll take some time to focus on current Kickstarter projects.

Potluck Games is currently running a relaunched campaign for EPIC DICE Tower Defense, and the premise of the game is just that: a tower defense game with lots and lost o’ dice. At the time of writing this, the game is 88% funded with 16 hours to go, so let’s get this awesome-looking dice game to 100%!!

Story-telling games are beginning to gain traction in the world of board gaming, and one campaign capitalizing on that is Tales from the Taverns: Legends of Goblins Past. Originally launched earlier this year, designer Mark Sierens went back to the drawing board and recently restarted the project, which is now halfway through its campaign at 34%. The object of the game is to craft a story using cards in your hands, essentially trying to create a storyboard for your character. We all tend to underestimate the importance of bards in our games, so make sure not to underestimate this exciting campaign!

The Kids Table Board Gaming company ran a successful campaign with their family game Food Fighters, and have now launched their second family game Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants, a dexterity game where you play as competing colonies of ants stealing the best food available at a picnic. The campaign launched this week and is currently 40% funded.

Another game launched this week is Hypnose: A Battle of the Minds, a deck-building game where you play as a hypnotist-in-training and become powerful enough to hypnotize your opponents. Publisher Red Eye Rabbit worked with a professional hypnotist to design the game so it should definitely capture the spirit of that world.

And here’s a roundup of other games on Kickstarter now.

Ending Soon

Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty’s Web 

Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black


Ray Master


New this Week

King of the Skippers

Great Comics Adventures

La Cosa Nostra

Thanks for stopping by, and play more games this weekend! We’ll see you Monday.

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