The Morning Roll – Day 30

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Good morning gamers,

They have All-Star games in sports. They have supergroups in music. Board games is… best of the boards?!? Whatever it is called, that’s what we have in the 2017 release of Mountains of Madness, a legacy horror game from Iello. Based on a classic Lovecraft story, designed by Rob Daviau of Pandemic Legacy, and art by Miguel Coimbra of Smallworld and 7 Wonders. Those are some big names! No official release dates or details, so keep your eyes peeled.

Renegade Games will be bringing Honshu to North American audiences in the new year. Originally released by Finnish company, the game is a combination trick taking card game and city building game for 2-5 players.

Korean designer Mandoo Games will join forces with Cool Mini or Not to release Banana Bandits to North American audiences. Players do battle with each other to collect coins and become the new leader of your team of bandits, and the challenge takes place at an abandoned tower, a 3D tower at the centre of the board that your character can climb. Expect this to appear in stores Spring 2017.

Board Games releasing this week

Oh My Goods! – English-only First Edition

One Deck Dungeon – English Second Edition

Alien Frontiers Big Box – English First Edition

Pandemic: Iberia – English First Edition

Nautilion – English First Edition

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you next time for the Kickstarter edition!

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I’m a little ashamed to admit that I am late to the board gaming bandwagon. I briefly dabbled with RPGs and gave up on video games many moons ago, so board gaming never seemed like an option – until I was introduced to King of Tokyo, my gateway game, and it was all uphill from there! Outside of that, I work in entertainment in the true north, strong and free, and spend my off time embracing fatherhood.