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The Morning Roll – Day 34

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Good morning gamers,

Fantasy Flight Games has released an expansion to their card game version of Arkham Horror. Carnevale of Horrors transports players to Venice for a festival that quickly spirals out of control. The game can be played as a standalone game or as a side story to the base game. You should be able to find the game in stores now.

Looking for a gift idea for your kid this Christmas? How about one that comes with a ringing endorsement? Creative Child Magazine has just awarded their game of the year to Renegade Games’s Block Party, a LEGO-inspired building and communication game.

Lion Rampart Imports will be releasing two games for kids. First, from German publisher Zoch Verlag, is Nitro Glyxerol, a dexterity game where you earn points by completing experiments with a plastic beaker filled with plastic cubes you have to line up. The second game is Clearing Coffins, a Nordic game where you clear away coffins by matching symbols from a dice roll with symbols on cards that represent coffins. Find both games in stores this month.

A new company is on the horizon bringing back old favourites. Restoration Games will be publishing old classics long forgotten, reimagined to appeal to gamers today. They announced three games they will be restoring: Stop Thief, a 1979 cat-and-mouse game with a digital component; Dragonmaster, a 1981 trick-taking game based on Coup d’etat, and will be released as Indulgence; and Top Race, a card-drafting game from 1980 that simulates auto racing, and will be released as Downforce. Expect all three to make their first appearance at next year’s GenCon, and it will be exciting to see what other games will be restored.

IDW Games will release Mine All Mines in February 2017. The press-your-luck game is another in a long thematic line of fantasy games where you play as dwarves mining for gems. Here you have to work together to mine, but also have the opportunity to steal from others. This light set collection game is designed by Daryl Andrews & Adrian Adamescu.

And if you are a fan of the work of independent designer Tim Flowers, keep an eye out for an upgrade to his game Burgle Bros. Through recent discussions, he has indicated he will introduce a legacy component to the game, but is still in development.

Thanks for stopping by. This will be the last Morning Roll until the new year, so happy holidays, and play more games!

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